This page was created: March, 1997

THIS SITE is unique to the Internet, as it probably is one of the very few that are supported, by the fans and artists of the music it represents. As you browse through the hundreds of pages ahead, starting with the nucleus of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame: "over 5,000 legends listed" - view the news, tidbits, features, columns, etc., and consider being a part of this effort to preserve one of America's timeless musical gifts to the world ... rockabilly. Above all, have fun!

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST or a fan with roots are in rockabilly music, please consider supporting this web site. Many performers claim that rockabilly got them started in music and they owe their career to the influence of early rockers. Several veteran artists have said that the Rockabilly Hall of Fame has helped resurrect their careers ... that's great! Like the Killer says. "Think about it!"

RHOF ... THE REAL DEAL! You are at the web site of the original and official Rockabilly Hall of FameĻ, a subsidiary of Rockabilly Music Preservation, Inc. Rockabilly Hall of FameĻ is a trademarked, registered entity, created on March 21, 1997. This web site, its merchandise, record label, stage shows, inducted artists, profile pages, news pages, research pages, worldwide correspondents, entire content and its accompanying web sites are not in any way affiliated with any others using the "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" words in their company's title. Use of the name "Rockabilly Hall of Fame" without permission (with or without any suffixes, prefixes or hyphens) is strictly prohibited by law. We are not affilated in any way with the Jackson, TN organization.

OUR PURPOSE is to present early rock 'n' roll history, artist information, help people and make everyone feel good in the process. We are not into building our ego or taking advantage of artists or fans.

Is there a special criteria or maximum number of inductees into the Hall of Fame per year?
Answer: This Internet based Hall of Fame is different than most. Our main goal is to give recognition to many artists, sidemen and other important individuals who made the whole rockabilly (early rock) scene happen in the first place. We add names from time to time as we discover them, often they are unknowns to many of us, but still important enough for world-wide recognition they will never get anywhere else. Don't look here for the just the best, because our arms are open wide to embrace all pioneer rockers that made the difference in a large or small way. This is a "people" Hall of Fame where the friends, fans, relatives (especially the children and grandchildren) of roots artists can gather, learn and emjoy themselves. PLUS...we have an open door policy toward welcoming new talent.
-Bob Timmers, founder/curator.

This site is dedicated to all the original rockers, living or dead ... those who showed us the way to make people happy through their music. God bless 'em all!